"I've tried everything - there is no hope for me"

People say this all the time to me - They've typically feel like they've tried it all, like talk therapy, drugs, self-help, even other coaches or practitioners, etc., Yet it still amazes me how quickly they can release their challenges and now move forward. Sometimes we are too attached to our challenges and the outcomes (can't see the forest for the trees) we want that the only blessing is having an objective, non-judgmental, caring guide help you.

"It's too good to be true"

I get it. Our old ways seemed to take a long time so it's easier for some to reject something not understood completely than imagine something could really work for them quickly. You've heard it before 'All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. What I use has become self-evident to those who step beyond their 'old' comfort zone, where life really begins, and have experienced the fast life-changing results

M‚Äčaybe you 'thought' that you 'tried' everything before

"I have to live with it."

Sure, you were told to 'buck up', 'get over it', 'deal with it', which may or may not have helped you in the moment. Although it is typically not useful when something is bothering you. If you're still experiencing the effects of life disappointments, pain, guilt, sadness, or don't even know what it is, but do know something is off, you are living with it. Yet is that the life you really want? Probably not - There is a better and easier way to release the effects on your life, even if you 'think' things can't be different - they usually can.

Combining EFT 'Tapping' - the Law of Attraction and your Inner Being for Life Changing Transformation

Myth #3

Myth #4

"I'm afraid to change - who will I be?"

Well, you'd probably be happier. It's up to you who you want to be. If you want to stay the same, then do nothing. No judgment here. I understand the emotional conflict. It's easy to find comfort in sameness (you usually know what's going to happen next and nothing changes). I also understand how much that affects people's lives by not truly living life, feeling stuck, bored or empty and not finding the joy that their soul so desires. The dichotomy is no matter how afraid of change a person is, everything around them is changing. You want YOU! more than you probably know.

Myth #6

Myth #2

Myth #8

"I don't want to appear weak"

That's just stinking thinking. The most successful people in the world joyously proclaim they have had help, coaching and support. It's just the smart thing to do when you can admit you don't have all the answers and there might be something you don't know . . . yet. Getting some help, coaching and support is by far one of the more strong and powerful things you can do for yourself - EVER. Besides, private sessions are confidential so no one will know unless you tell them how great it is working for you. 

Myth #1


Myth #5

"I have to fix my car"

Sure, it's easier to fix your car when it needs it, or paint the house, or a multitude of other things, then to honor and see how worthy your most valuable asset is that needs addressing. Your most valuable asset is YOU - you bring you wherever you go. When you improve your most valuable asset, you can achieve harmonic abundance in all areas of your life. 

Myth #7

The 8 Biggest Myths

We tell ourselves

"I have to do it alone"

Why? Where did you learn that? See Myth #4 again. I know many people think they have to do it alone, maybe from unworthiness or a false sense of pride (not healthy by the way). But, hey, you're shooting for happiness here, not aloneness. Of course, it's up to you to want circumstances to change. You can learn, release, and move forward; but certainly you do not have to do it alone. In fact, it will go much quicker with a professional that has mastered what you're trying to achieve. That's why I've dedicated my life to my clients' success.

Life Mastery MethodsTM with Kim Eisen

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"My problem is too big"

I hear ya - sometimes it may feel that way - especially if you're experiencing the effects. But, just maybe you would be open to the idea of looking at things a bit differently, no matter what is going on? If everything is energy (Einstein) and that includes you, what couldn't shift if the energy shifted? I have a theory that I came up with after years of working with clients, alternative energy psychology and studying and researching quantum physics which fascinates me. It goes like this: 'If some unwanted experiences emotional components only took a moment (even if repeated) to affect our lives, or cause freeze frames in our energy, why would it take years to undo it?' It doesn't. I've personally seen some of the worst physical and emotional experiences transform in minutes or hours. Just need the right tools.

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with little or no success and just had to live with whatever your challenges were.  And, even if you had some success, you'd end up reverting back.

IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT! - because you didn't know before, that

there was fast and efficient help for you.

I know, I was there years ago too. Like many, I bought into the Myths you'll see below. As a healing facilitator I had to address my own 'stuff' (just comes with being human) as well as learn to be the best I could be in order help others. My goal was to blend the best-of-the-best and offer you the quickest and easiest, yet thorough, ways to move forward fast and efficiently.

Let's take a look at some myth's many people assume . . .