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Even though in Ultimate Truth everything is just energy, let's talk about when you're struggling with it, or, more to the point not having a good time with your manifestations.

Sure, you've heard the Law of Attraction saying 'Like attracts Like' based on your vibration (resonance). Yet, it feels awful when things aren't happening the way you had hoped.

Then you go into blame and judgment about yourself and/or others. Which only furthers unwanted results. It's a cycle that you might want to break once and for all.

You see, the Law of Attraction is neutral and has no agenda other than to bring you what you are calling for (vibrating). 

The ONLY thing that will hold you back is a vibration of resistance to that which you desire.


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WHY life mastery methods?

  The 'Life Mastery Methods' program includes . . . 

  •   12 - Private 50 minutes - one-on-one confidential Zoom sessions with Kim
  •   6 - 'Help Me!' - 10-minute '911' consults during the program for a quick release or to share a success.
  •   4 - Life Breakthrough Modules - Life Changing In-Depth modules for total immersion and to guide you through releasing blocks.
  •   Personalized Assignments - Individualized and personalized instructions to accelerate your results.
  •   Lifetime - You'll discover tools that you can use anytime, anywhere to leave 'stuff' and resistance behind as it happens you you can live your best life.
  •   Unlimited Email Access - to Kim during the program for quick, clear and succinct questions you need answered.
  •   VIP Discounts to Kim's Events- within 12 months from the start of your program.

BONUS:      Receive the currently not for sale anywhere,

'My Daily Manifestation' CD digitally.

Listen for 30 days and watch your life change.

This is an intensive program to help you shift and transform your life as quickly as possible. It does require your commitment to complete the module(s), sessions and any assignments as you move forward.  Total commitment per week averages apx. 2 hours. Of course, you're welcomed to do more. If you have internet connectivity challenges, sessions may be done via phone.

Physical truth

What you manifest is how you vibrate with that Energy


Next - time to Release the Resistance

One of the most overlooked steps to manifesting is releasing resistance. You've already got desire down - you know how to do that.  In fact, you can't help but to desire, as that's the flow of Spirit running through you.

You'll enjoy releasing and neutralizing the resistance that you may have held onto for a long time and didn't even know it.  In fact, you'll be surprised that much of the resistance you hold might not have been what you thought it was. Or, discover that there was more to it.

The Life Mastery Methods 
(TM) is specifically designed to bring to the forefront what's been in the way for you, in order to know what needs to be released, and, is accelerated by the personal and private  one-on-one coaching and EFT 'Tapping' 

with Kim during the program. 

soul truth

Your Soul directs that Energy to Manifest

Things to know:  This program is not an alternative for medical attention. If needed, please see your appropriate medical professional. All modules within the program are copyrighted and are not to be shared with anyone without the permission of the creator, Kim Eisen. This program includes 12 private Zoom sessions which may be consecutive or used as 4 per month with months with 5 weeks. If there is a vacation planned during the program, sessions will be adjusted accordingly with 2 weeks prior notice. The same day and time for sessions are set for each week for calendaring reasons. If remaining sessions need a new day/time, please discuss with Kim. Reschedules put an undue burden on the provider, but may be approved with a minimum of 72 hours notice or approved emergency. Any sessions missed are lost. Any paperwork or emails sent to Kim that provides information for the next session, shall be sent at least 48 hours prior to session to allow ample time to review. Good idea to work on parts of modules within a few days following sessions.

ultimate truth

Everything is Energy

INtuitive and experienced

Master of EFT 'Tapping'

Life Breakthrough Success Coach

Law of Attraction Expert

Spiritual Energy Healer


"The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide

that you are not going to stay where you are."

Life Mastery MethodsTM with Kim Eisen

Master of EFT 'Tapping'

Law of Attraction Expert

Life Breakthrough Success Coach

Combining EFT 'Tapping' - the Law of Attraction and your Inner Being for Life Changing Transformation


Kim has been coaching and helping people heal emotionally, spiritually, financially and physically since 1999.

Certified in many energy modalities, she has created a blend of the best, quickest and easiest ways in order to help clients transcend their current situation in order to live a life of more freedom and ease.

Co-author with Dr. Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra, et all, in the Best-Selling book 'WAKE-UP - Live the Life You Love: Finding Personal Freedom'.

Spiritual Energy Psychology and Holistic Health Counselor and Practitioner (HHCP), Law of Attraction Expert, Akashic Records, CCR - Core Cause Release - LGC - Life Guidance Coaching.

What's more important than transforming yourself? Nothing.


WHY IS THIS DIFFERENT? The Life Mastery Methods (TM) is unlike anything you've tried before. It's not about setting goals. It clearly helps you to find and release underlying emotions and non-beneficial beliefs that have been holding you back for too long. So you can allow your desires to manifest. Now is the time. 

You ARE Worth It!

~ J. Pierpont Morgan

Next - Receive that which you desire

It will be so much easier to Receive the essence of what you desire, now that the blocks (resistance) that were holding it away have been cleared.  And, you'll have easy tools to help you after if you get off track or need to be reminded that you ARE an awesome and magnificent, manifesting being.

Personally, the first time I completed the entire program myself (I always test my programs on myself first before offering it to the world), I felt so much clearer, lighter. I was truly amazed on how fast this can work. 

Sure you'll be able to allow money or items you value, well being, loving and supportive relationships, etc - Yet JOY is the ultimate reason and result that everyone desires! 

              Maybe it's time for you!

Life Mastery Methods

and The 3 Levels of Truth

Combining EFT 'Tapping' - the Law of Attraction and your Inner Being for Life Changing Transformation


Meet kim


Life Mastery MethodsTM with Kim Eisen

Master of EFT 'Tapping'

Law of Attraction Expert

Life Breakthrough Success Coach

If you want to chat about how this can help you. Please feel free to schedule your no-cost 15 minute 'Life Breakthrough Chat'

What unconscious block are there?

Did you know that you can really, really desire something, yet have unknown blocks or resistance to actually receiving it?

That's why the Life Mastery Methods
(TM) program is so powerful. It's an intensive deep dive into what's really going on for you that easily breakdowns, step-by-step, the different aspects of blocks (or resistance) for you. 

Then leads you through to discover how you really feel about it, your perception of the world (and people), and yourself as it pertains to life.  

This is the 'gold' to moving forward to the next steps to releasing resistance and receiving and 'allowing' the things you value most.