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If you're feeling stuck or confused, dealing with past or current disappointments, traumas or setbacks in life and you're sick and tired of it. You have come to the the right place.

If you are struggling - It's not your fault!

Well, not all of it. We weren't taught what do to.

It took more than 16 years of working with hundreds of clients to design these in-depth, personal, one-of-a-kind Life Mastery Methods.

The best part is that you don't have to do it alone. This program includes one-on-one, private sessions with Kim to accelerate your results.. 


from all the UN's

(unworthiness, unloved, etc.)

Your Inherent universal gifts

The Life Mastery Methods include Law of Attraction mindset techniques that can easily be weaved into your life in just 17 seconds per day.  It's time to receive the Universal gifts that have been waiting for you.

Receiving abundance is not just about money, but also well-being, loving and supportive relationships, joy and more!

Maybe it's time for you!

"The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide

that you are not going to stay where you are."

Meet kim

~ J. Pierpont Morgan




in all areas of

your life

Experience . . .
Life on your terms



Kim has been coaching and helping people heal emotionally, spiritually, financially and physically since 1999.

Certified in many energy modalities, she has created a blend of the best, quickest and easiest ways in order to help clients transcend their current situation in order to live a life of more freedom and ease.

Co-author with Dr. Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra, et all, in the Best-Selling book 'WAKE-UP - Live the Life You Love: Finding Personal Freedom'.

Spiritual Energy Psychology and Holistic Health Counselor and Practitioner (HHCP), Law of Attraction Expert, Akashic Records, CCR - Core Cause Release - LGC - Life Guidance Coaching.

Combining EFT 'Tapping' - the Law of Attraction and your Inner Being for Life Changing Transformation


the ultimate result



What is Life Mastery Methods?

If you want to chat to see if this is right for you Please feel free to schedule your no-cost 15 minute 'Life Breakthrough Chat'  with Kim

Life Mastery MethodsTM with Kim Eisen

Master of EFT 'Tapping'

Law of Attraction Expert

Life Breakthrough Success Coach

What's more important than transforming yourself? Nothing.


WHY IS THIS DIFFERENT? The Life Mastery MethodsTM is unlike anything you've tried before. It's not about setting goals. It clearly helps you to find and release underlying emotions and non-beneficial beliefs that have been holding you back for too long. So you can allow your desires to manifest. Now is the time. 

You're Worth It!

Schedule your no-cost 15 minute

'Life Breakthrough Chat'

INtuitive and experienced

Master of EFT 'Tapping'

Life Breakthrough Success Coach

Law of Attraction Expert

Spiritual Energy Healer

Where you are & how you really feel

Life Mastery MethodsTM is a three (3) month program that features 12 one-on-one private sessions with Kim, and step-by-step in-depth modules which allow you to easily discover and review how things show up in your life and how your unconscious is responding to it.

"You don't know where to begin until you understand where you are, in relationship to all you desire."

What is in the way of your joy

The Life Mastery Methods are specifically designed to quickly bring to the forefront what's been in the way for you in order to know what needs to be released  and confidential one-on-one tapping with over 12 weeks.

With Kim's intuitive guidance, release is accomplished using state-of-the-art mindset tools such as EFT 'Tapping' and more.

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